Composers Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi...
Composers Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi...
Composers Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi...

Composers Musicians - Giuseppe Verdi - 4.33 in. (11 cm) - aged


Faithful reproduction of the bust of famous composer musicians: Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Verdi, Chopin. Built by skilled craftsmen with marble and resin powder, they are embellished with a patina of aging


Faithful reproduction of the bust: Giuseppe Verdi.

These statues are made of marble dust and resin agglomerate, built by skilled Tuscan artisans.

Height 4.33 in.

Attention: Statues available upon order only, waiting time from 3 to 7 days to manufacture.

GINGER SHOP ONLINE (statues made in Italy) offers objects produced by Tuscan artisans with marble dust and resin “Marmo Composito”, original, varnished imitation bronze or with ancient patina. Some objects are embellished by a base in real Carrara Marble o Alabaster. These reproductions have been executed by master artisans, marble and alabaster carvers. The little differences from the originals and between them do not diminish their value, but are a warranty of an artisan hand-made working exactly like it was in the past.

Ginger shop online, statues, Christmas ornaments, tapestries, gift ideas and souvenirs made in Italy, was born in one of the most beautiful and suggestive cities of Italy and of the world: Florence. Our promise is to search with care, select and collaborate with the local and Italian handicrafts to value the Italian Brand and to grant reliability and attention about the items we offer to our customers all over the world.

Our experience in the field of souvenirs, Italian gift items, collectibles allows us to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements who still believe in quality gifts Made in Italy.


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