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Dotted with small villages and large cities, majestic mountains and crystal clear waters, Italy is known throughout the world for its cultural and artistic heritage, including one of the oldest artisan traditions in existence. Each region, with its origins and characteristics, is enclosed in those artisanal products that distinguish it and represent it in a peculiar way, products that contain in them stories and techniques handed down from generation to generation. Italian artisans, universally appreciated for their mastery and competence, create authentic works of art that have made Italian craftsmanship an excellence of Made in Italy.

The artisan heritage, which has been transmitted for centuries among Italian shops, is today a symbol of quality all over the world; a legacy in which we at Ginger Shop Online deeply believe and value every day in our selections of handcrafted products.

Ginger Shop Online: A Made in Italy Catalog

The values ​​that have always guided our work are reflected in the collaborations and selections of handcrafted products that we offer you. Each choice is the result of a meticulous research, in the name of the quality of the raw materials and the complete craftsmanship of the product.

Our catalog presents a wide selection of ceramic and porcelain products and statues of famous people and classical sculptures dedicated to the artistic tradition, strictly the work of local artisans. Each piece created comes from the talent and experience of the Italian Masters, who work and shape the work making it unique in its kind. Among our Made in Italy statues there is no shortage of great names that have marked the history of art, such as Canova, Rodin, Donatello, whose works you can finally admire every day directly in your homes. We also offer a precious selection of busts of famous people - Aristotle, Galileo, Homer just to name a few - made of marble powder with a white hand-painted or patinated finish by expert Tuscan artisans.

Among the handcrafted products selected for you, there is no shortage of Christmas decorations in ceramic or porcelain Made in Italy. It is a precious selection of meticulously finished Christmas balls, decorated or hand painted by Florentine masters, created with Deruta ceramic or hard and petrified feldspar porcelain. Among the many artisan treasures that our country can give us there are also tapestries, precious works designed and woven entirely in Italy, dedicated to the classics of national art and the great international masters.

Finally, you will find a large collection of Italian souvenirs and gift ideas, such as aprons, handcrafted magnets, ceramics, ideal as original favors, rigorously the work of the expert hands of Italian artisans and produced with the best quality materials.

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