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Ginger Shop Online: statues, Christmas ornaments, gift ideas, magnets, souvenirs and tapestries made in Italy.

Ginger shop online, statues, Christmas ornaments, tapestries, gift ideas and souvenirs made in Italy, was born in one of the most beautiful and suggestive cities of Italy and of the world: Florence. Our promise is to search with care, select and collaborate with the local and Italian handicrafts to value the Italian Brand and to grant reliability and attention about the items we offer to our customers all over the world.
Our experience in the field of souvenirs, Italian gift items, collectibles allows us to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements who still believe in quality gifts Made in Italy.

All our Christmas balls ornaments are made of porcelain or ceramic and make unique your Christmas Tree: decorated with pictures or images of Florence or Italy, Florentine Paper design, golden Fleur de Lys (golden leaf 14%) or hand-painted.

Faithful reproductions of famous statues of art are made with marble or alabaster dust and resin.

The artistic reproductions of David and Pietà by Michelangelo Buonarroti are copia of mold earthenware clay sculpture and it was made possible through the use of laser detection technology and computer data 3D. Unique authorized online dealer.

Faithful reproductions of  busts of famous people, all unique pieces as guaranty of handmade craftsmanship.

Tapestries and Pillows. Fully designed and knitted fabrics in Italy with natural yarns and lurex yarns. In these tapestries, particular attention is paid to the artistic references and the design exploits the various weaves of warp and weft, enhancing the colors by tapping them with wisdom.

And this is not all… because our new arrivals will be always a nice surprise!
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