Christmas tree balls are not just decorative objects, but potential tools to turn your Christmas tree into an unforgettable work. Not everyone, however, has guessed about the creation of the perfect tree, and that is why you can see here ten tips that, if followed, will really allow you to make no mistake in creating a perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Tips for making the perfect Christmas tree

Here are some useful tips for your Christmas tree, so you can no longer go wrong in decorating it:

The choice of the tree

Artificial tree or not? The choice between the two types will have to be well thought out. In fact, the real tree will need care, and you should try to plant it again the moment Christmas has passed.

The choice of room

The best room to decorate your tree will be the living room, but in case you do not have this room, you can use your bedroom, in which the tree will not be stressed too much.

The Lights

Once you understand where to place your tree, you can switch to choosing the lights. The hot ones will be the best, because they will create a beautiful atmosphere and marry perfectly with the balls for the Christmas tree.

The Tip

This decorative element is not mandatory, but if you want to, try to choose something sober and that, above all, does not pen on the one hand!

The decorations

Not just christmas tree balls! In fact, you can also choose other types of objects, which you can adapt in order to hang them on the branches.

The color of the decorations

There are more suitable combinations than others for decorations and their color. In particular, these include red and gold, blue and silver, white and red.

The color of the tree

Although there are trees of many colors, if your décor is traditional the advice is to always stay on the classic green. You can opt for white in case you have the right decorations, with contrasting colors.


Do not place gifts in bulk under the tree, but try to order them, and maybe even choose a card-specific theme with which to package them.

Less is better

Trees that are too rich can be really tacky, so always try not to overdo it.

Long live the handmade product

In the same way, avoid the decorations too evidently new: if possible, orient yourself towards one of the most popular trends, that of vintage and whenever possible towards handicrafts 

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